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Thailand Adventure Part 1 : Chiang Mai

There are some moments in life that can be described beautifully with words or expressed wonderfully with pictures. These are not these moments. It feels a bit inadequate to post some photos to a blog, but at least it's a step in sharing. I am so incredibly thankful for this trip and all that I saw and experienced. Here are some photos, and a little glimpse into the story!

In November of this year, I was able to fly all the way around the world—quite literally. I flew east to Thailand, and I then flew east again to stop in LA and come all the way home. My beautiful friend Rachael V was my adventuring pal and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! 

There are many reasons that this trip is a treasure in my life—Thailand has been on my heart for years as a place I couldn’t wait to go to. I usually have the adventure buzz in my bones, but never felt like it was quite the right time to go. About a year ago I had a dream where I felt a nudge “Look up when the floating light festival is in Thailand, and go then.” Half as a joke, and half in faith, I marked off about a week in my planner for November 2014 and forgot about it. Spring came joyfully through the winter, summer sunshine to follow, which cooled to fall. In that time I asked the Lord with a new surrender what was next and where I should go. An alarm in my phone went off that said "Go to Thailand in November." I knew I set that reminder back in January, but had no idea how perfect the timing for the trip would be. It was like waiting for a perfect wave, and seeing it come in the distance starting to paddle with everything you've got. I am blown away by the love of God in the little details of our lives. Still feeling a little crazy, I decided to go for it and was stoked that Rach wanted to join me for the adventure :)

I could talk about a million things of our trip—from the language barriers, the amazing food, the immense amounts of faith and hysterical laughter that went along with riding in tuk-tuks and driving our own mopeds. But my favorite is this: In the middle of the lantern release, thousands and thousands of paper lanterns, I had the immense sense that God our loving father, was looking at me with a nearness I can't explain. While there were thousands of people in the Buddhist temple, we were just outside because we couldn't find tickets. As breathtakingly beautiful as the main display of lights was, I knew that God was looking at 2 little lanterns off to the side.  

He delights in me.
He loves me so well.
He delights in me. 

I never felt it so strong, and I never needed to. I honestly don't know why I have wanted to go to Thailand so bad, and why I was really there. It was so much more than a vacation, but I knew it was clear that I wasn't there as a task. God brought me all the way to Thailand to show my exactly how much He loves me—and even that is just a taste. I hope this is a beautiful reminder that we aren't just soldiers with duties, but sons and daughters with an invitation for an epic adventure with the King of Kings. 

“And what a wondrous thing, I can stand to sing,
Because when i fall to my knees, you’re the one who pulls me up again,
What a mystery that you notice me
In a crowd of 10,000 you don’t miss a thing
Cause you sing everything

I am seen, I am known by the King of Kings
and the Lord of Lords

There’s no place I could go your love won’t find me.
There’s no place I could hide that you can't see
No place I could fall your love won’t catch me
You see it all
You see it all through the eyes of love
When i misunderstand your love understands me
You see it all you see it all you’re in everything"

-You Don't Miss a Thing - Bethel Music, Amanda Cook

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