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How to Book a Wedding Photographer

You just get engaged!! Congratulations! After you've let this exciting news sink in a little bit, told all your friends, and are ready to embark on the wedding planning, there will be many things to think about! 

"I need a wedding photographer... How do I book a wedding photographer?" might be one of your first questions. Although it might seem pretty straight forward, as a wedding photographer I'll break it down for you to give you some helpful tips!

People have different ways of going about finding the wedding photographer that is right for them. Since it is likely that you've never been married before, it might be your first rodeo and "booking your wedding photographer" isn't included in a Life After You Graduate class in college (which I definitely think they should have!)

Here are just a few tips in planning your wedding photography that might be helpful.

1. Discover and Know Your Wedding Style

I'm giving you an excuse to stalk your friends Facebook and Instagram wedding pics, just for a little while. Save certain photos that you like! This will help immensely as you are looking for a wedding photographer. You can immediately know which photographers are highest on your list, and which ones don't match your style. For example, if you like natural looking photos, you can immediately cross off the list photographers who's photos of people are extra-photoshopped. 

2. Meet With Your Favorite Photographers

The best way to know if you would work well with someone is to meet up with them face to face and have a conversation. Sometimes you can love a photographer's work by their online gallery, but when you meet with them they might not mesh well with your personality. On the other hand, some photographers you might not see enough to make a decision off of their online portfolio, but when you talk with them about the day it can really help you understand the whole process and see more examples of their work in person!

3. Read Their Client Reviews

One of the most rewarding parts about working with couples to photograph their wedding is to read the beautiful things they have to say. Some of the best ways to get a glimpse of what it would be like to work with someone is to hear from someone who would be in your same position! You can return the favor and leave a review after your wedding is over to help others out as well. 

4. Communicate Well

This is just the extension of a life skill, but when you are meeting with photographers be sure to communicate well! Talk about your wedding date, your location, and what you are looking for in a photographer. You can tell them if you are talking to other photographers, and follow up quickly when they check in!

5. It can be an enjoyable process!

Wedding photography is a big decision, but it does not have to be a stressful one. When you find a photographer that you really like, they will be able to explain the whole process for you step by step and answer all your questions. (If they don't, maybe it's not a good fit!) 

Here's a simple breakdown of the process I work with brides:

  • Initial email conversation
  • In person meeting to talk about details, you are given a Plaid Poppy Co Wedding Packet and Contract to look through
  • Follow up conversation, remaining questions answered
  • Ready to book! I send you exactly what I need, and you send me the contract with a 50% deposit.
  • I follow up with the bride about engagement photos, timeline, and reminder emails a month before the wedding. 

Pretty simple, right? If you'd like to start the process for your wedding, send me more information on my contact page and we can get the ball rolling! I look forward to hearing from you!


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