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Minneapolis Urban Bungalow Proposal

I honestly love photographing proposals so much! The anticipation, the surprise, the beautiful setting... I usually smile the whole time it's happening! Have you guys seen the SNL Surprise Lady skits?? I think of this so often when I photograph proposals, especially for friends! Even thought I'm not nearly as bad, seeing Megan with friends before the big day had me like 'Oh, hey Megan! 😁😶😶😶" as I knew I would photograph her engagement in a couple days! Haha I kept the secret, though :)

Dan and Megan are an amazing couple that I have loved getting to know. They are both so fun, genuine, and loving. I always feel so honored to be right there in the moment (very incognito, that is) for proposals! As Megan is more of the planner of the couple, Dan did such a good job throwing her off and surprising her for the day—and he nailed it! Having his sister pick her up blindfolded, she was taken to this adorable bungalow studio owned by the amazing Heidi at Fricket Design where soon-to-be fiance was waiting. 

Take a look at these two lovebirds and try not to smile :).  

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