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Mazatlán, Mexico - Adventure Photo Shoot

MEXICO!! Guys, I am SO blessed that I recently was able to travel to Mazatlán, Mexico just a month ago and visit one of my dear friends and adventure buddies! Everything came together perfectly for me to be able to go on this trip. (Thanks to a super cheap flight I found and some cash back bonuses ;)) The summer sunshine, ocean waves, new friends, and amazing tacos were like a dream come true. They don't even charge extra for guacamole on your tacos 🙌🏼. I love adventuring to new and meaningful places and learning more Spanish. I try to communicate as much as I can in Spanish, which definitely had led to some interesting "conversations" haha. 

The only hiccup was that I missed my flight home! I can't complain, though, to have one more day in Mexico :). (For the record, it left half an hour early! Who does that...) But even that all worked out so well and was just a part of the adventure. 

Being with my friend who is also a professional photographer, naturally we had to take some photos at sunset and in our swinging-in-our-hammocks afternoons in the palm tree forest. Thanks, Rachael V for being an amazing friend with such beauty inside and out! 

Grab yourself an iced coffee or piña colada and let these photos for a moment take you away to Mexico :)

Where should I travel to next??

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